Company Bio


At Roka we pride ourselves in quality and purpose. We are a luxury swimwear brand with a focus on environmental integrity and we are constantly learning and growing to improve our sustainable mandate.

Our love for the ocean and the nature that surrounds us is our strongest motivator in creating swimwear with low environmental impact. We believe in high quality products that have impeccable fit. Pieces that you cherish and keep in your wardrobe; timeless swimwear that is built to last. 


ROKA means the white crest of the wave, and we aim to merge the beauty of nature within our designs. 




Design has always been and always will be our passion.  With 20 years in the industry and an educational background from Montreal and Milan’s Istituto Marangoni, we are grateful to have found our path and enjoy our forever evolving journey. 

After working for various brands around the world we felt strongly about the relationship between fashion and the environment.  We started Roka to showcase our vision, our ethics and stand by our voice that fashion and the aim for sustainable products must co-exist in today’s world. 

** See our Brand Ethics page for further information on the benefits of our eco-friendly fabrics